Design Director / Design Researcher

Kazzmasa TSUJIMURA is a design director leading product and service design projects while building a team composed of talented designers from various backgrounds as a director of IDL [INFOBAHN DESIGN LAB.] at INFOBAHN Inc. Recently he has been working closely with clients such as the mobility and electronics industries.

Besides working as a design professional, he is currently pursuing a Ph.D study advised by an associate professor, Yasuaki Kakehi in the Graduate School of Information Studies at The University of Tokyo. His research interest is in the crossing area of design research, human-computer interaction and architecture.

He received his M. Arch from SCI_Arc [Southern California Institute of Architecture], B.A in linguistics from TUFS [Tokyo University of Foreign Studies]




Kyoto, Japan


"BEYOND SMART LIFE" Research and Narrative Design

Game Changer Catapult(ゲームチェンジャー・カタパルト) - Panasonic


Polyphonic Drawing | 審査委員会推薦作品 | エンターテインメント部門 | 第19回 2015年 | 文化庁メディア芸術祭 歴代受賞作品

<aside> 💡 He has been working on various projects both digitally and physically. He can not, however, disclose almost all his accomplishment due to NDA with clients. This credential paper below helps you feel the atmosphere of the team and projects he is leading.[RGB]IDL_credential2020_v2.3.1.pdf


at IMG SRC Inc.

Tokyo, Japan

at Greg Lynn FORM

Venice, California

Greg Lynn's Exploration of Architecture in Space - eVolo | Architecture Magazine

Design and the Elastic Mind | MoMA

with Zaha Hadid Architects

London, England

Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centre